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- Direction/Script: Cristina Motta

- Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

- Music: Sergio Escobar

- Edition: Nadina Marquisio, Cristina Motta

- Production: Gallito Films

Directora: Cristina Motta
HD / Argentina-Colombia / 10.35 minutes / 2015

1982 is not a year, it is a figure. It is the number of massacres that occurred in Colombia’s small and remote towns during the last three decades.


Using a Hollywood production from 1919 on the great crime against the Armenian people that occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century, the film traces the facts of the routine and invisible violence that has plagued Colombia through the voices of its victims.


A portrait of distant and yet persistent peoples and individuals, an observation of the gesture that survives despite the blind light cast upon them by time, routine and indolence.




- Best Documentary / Tripoli Film Festival / Lebanon



- Malaga Film Festival / Spain

- Hamburg International Short Film Festival / Germany

- Tripoli Film Festival / Lebanon

- Faito Doc Festival / Italy

- International Film Festival Signes de Nuit / Tucuman, Argentine

- São Paulo International Short Film Festival - Curta Kinoforum / Brazil

- FIDBA - Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival / Argentine

- MIDBO - Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogotá / Colombia

- International Film Festival Signes de Nuit / Lisbon, Portugal

- Uppsala International Short Film Festival / Uppsala, Sweden

- International Film Festival Signes de Nuit / Paris, France



- Tampere Film Festival / Finland

- Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival,Curta Cinema / Brazil

- Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur / Switzerland

- Lakino. Latin American Short Film Festival / Germany

- Presente Continuo, Festival REC, La Plata / Argentine

- Audiovisual Festival of Bariloche/ Argentine

- DocBuenos Aires, Cine de Artistas / Buenos Aires / Argentine





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