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Director: Cristina Motta
HD / Argentina / 10.45 minutes / 2013

Ezeiza is a paradox. It is a place within the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where the international airport is located. This is a space in the open air, filled with planes that transport people to and from Argentina. Moreover, Ezeiza is also where a correctional facility is situated. This is where thousands of women are locked behind greyish walls and steel bars. Wide, open skies coexist with small and narrow cells. The film registers the journey of a group of women caught at the airport while smuggling small amounts of drugs. It follows their voices and their reflections through a jail window.




- BIM - Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento / Argentina

- Huesca International Film Festival / Spain

- Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival / Serbia

- Mujeres en Foco / Argentina



- Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival / Brazil

- Festival Signes de Nuit / France





- Direction/Script/Editor: Cristina Motta

- Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

- Sound: Joel Saladino

- Music: Antonio Vivaldi, NisiDominus, RV 608, "Cum Dederit"

- Production: Gallito Films



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