Into Thin Air
Director: Cristina Motta
HD / Argentina / 15 minutes / 2018

Maria disappeared in a road of the Northwest of Argentina in 2011, Laura, four months pregnant, was kidnaped in the midst of a fierce dictatorship in 1976, and Ema was appropriated by Indians in 1875 in the middle of a ferocious fight for territory. They all share a common destiny: they all vanished into air. 


In a recurrence close to a habit, every one of the last three centuries expresses a singular path to women’s existence.



- ABD-SP Best Latin-American short / São Paulo International Short Film Festival-Curta Kinoforum / Brazil


- Ji.hlava IDFF / Chec Republic

- Aguilar Film Festival / Spain

- Festival 30 años de La Mujer y El Cine / Argentina

- Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival / Brazil

- International Festival Signes de Nuit / Bangkok /Thailand

- Festival de Cine Argentino / Lisbon / Portugal

- International Festival of Colombian Cinema in Buenos Aires / Argentina

- CineMigrante Film Festival / Buenos Aires / Argentina

- International Festival Signes de Nuit / Paris / France


- Echoes of Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Brussels & Ghent  / Belgium

Shnit International Shortfilm Festival / Argentina


- Direction/Script: Cristina Motta

- Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

- Sound design: Mercedes Gaviria

- Edition: Nadina Marquisio, Cristina Motta

- Production: Gallito Films