Director: Cristina Motta

Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

Music: Alejandra Tokatlian

Production: Gallito Films

Date: July 2020


I have lived where mothers search for their children looking out onto rivers. I was born where they search for them looking out onto the rubbles. This is a film about violence and about the way in which stones, earth and water honor or undermine the fate of the dead.


In a cemetery the stones commemorate and the earth transforms. Stones and earth coexist in harmony. In a rubble, on the contrary, the stones hide and the earth covers. Hundreds of people, murdered on the hillsides of Medellín, were tossed into the rubble, their mothers have been waiting twenty years to unearth them to then be able to bury them. The film explores this and other surfaces that honor or subvert the fate of the dead.



Colombian born and Argentine naturalized. As producer of Walden Residencies and Walden Laboratories, she made From the River (2020) a Price Claus-Goethe Institute funded project on documentary filmmaking and environmental justice. As film director, Ezeiza, (2013); 1982 (2015) award winner best documentary at Tripoli Film Festival and official selection at Malaga; Hamburg, Winterthur; Uppsala; Curta Cinema, Tampere, among other film festivals.  Into Thin Air, (2018), award winner ABD-SP Best Latin- American short at São Paulo International Short Film Festival and selected at Ji.hlava IDFF; Aguilar; Curta Cinema, among other film festivals. She is both member and cofounder of the cinematographic collective Gallito Films that has produced several experimental documentary short films.