Director: Cristina Motta

HD / Argentina-Colombia / 10 minutes / 2020

Superficies collage.png


In a cemetery stones and earth coexist in harmony: stones commemorate, earth transforms. In a rubble, on the contrary, stones hide and earth covers.  People murdered on the hillsides of Medellín, tossed into the rubble. Women killed on the streets of Buenos Aires, thrown into the dump. Mothers that wait for years to unearth their bodies to then be able to bury them. This film explores surfaces that honor and surfaces that subvert the destiny of the dead.


- Direction/Script/Edition: Cristina Motta

- Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

- Music: Alejandra Tokatlian

- Sound design: Lucho Corti

- Production: Gallito Films



Official Selection

- Visions du Réel / Nyon, Switzerland





- Amber Wilkinson, Eye for Film

- Monica Delgado, Desistfilm

- Lucie Krey, La Pepiniere