Director: Cristina Motta

Cinematography: Nadina Marquisio

Production: Gallito Films

Date: 2018



María desapareció en 2011en una carretera del noroeste argentino,  Laura fue secuestrada en 1976 durante la última dictadura y Ema  fue raptada por indígenas en 1875, en medio de la Pampa. Las tres comparten el mismo destino: las tres se volvieron aire. En una recurrencia cercana a la costumbre, cada uno de los últimos tres siglos expresa un destino similar para la existencia femenina.

Maria disappeared in a road of the Northwest of Argentina in 2011, Laura was kidnaped in the midst of a fierce dictatorship in 1976, and  Ema was appropriated by Indians  in 1875, in the middle of La Pampa.  They all  share a common destiny: they all vanished into air.  In a recurrence close to a habit, every one of the last three centuries expresses a singular path to women’s existence.


- ABD-SP Best Latin-American short / São Paulo International Short Film Festival-Curta Kinoforum / Brazil


Cristina Motta

Colombian born and Argentine naturalized. As producer of Walden Residencies and Walden Laboratories, she made From the River (2020) a Price Claus-Goethe Institute funded project on documentary filmmaking and environmental justice. As film director, Ezeiza, (2013) selection in several film festivals and nominee for Norberto Griffa Prize at the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento 2016 in Buenos Aires; 1982 (2015) award winner best documentary at Tripoli Film Festival and official selection at Malaga; Hamburg, Winterthur; Uppsala; Curta Cinema, Tampere, among other film festivals.  Into Thin Air, (2018), award winner ABD-SP Best Latin- American short at São Paulo International Short Film Festival and selected at Ji.hlava IDFF; Aguilar; Curta Cinema, among other film festivals. She is both member and cofounder of the cinematographic collective Gallito Films that has produced several experimental documentary short films.